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Celery Salt: Farm-to-Table Seasoning for Enhanced Flavors - Green Apron India
Celery Salt: Farm-to-Table Seasoning for Enhanced Flavors

Celery Salt: Farm-to-Table Seasoning for Enhanced Flavors

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Green Apron India


Introducing our premium Celery Salt, a versatile seasoning that serves as an excellent alternative to table salt. With its distinct flavor and natural ingredients, it enhances the taste of various dishes and offers a range of culinary possibilities.


  1. Seasoning and Flavor Booster: Sprinkle our celery salt generously to season and elevate the flavor profile of your favorite foods.
  2. Bloody Mary Cocktail: Add a pinch of celery salt to your Bloody Mary cocktail for an extra kick of savory goodness.
  3. Glass Rim Garnish: Use celery salt to line the rim of your mocktail or cocktail glasses, adding a delightful touch to your drinks.
  4. Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables, and Popcorn: Sprinkle our celery salt on roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, or freshly popped popcorn to add a savory twist.
  5. Soups, Cold Salads, Marinades, Salad Dressings, and Stir-Fries: Incorporate our celery salt into soups, cold salads, marinades, salad dressings, and stir-fries for enhanced flavors and aromatic appeal.


Ingredients: We take pride in using only the finest ingredients. Our celery salt consists of dried celery grown without the use of chemicals, combined with Himalayan Rock Salt. It is 100% vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, catering to various dietary preferences.


Storage Instructions: To maintain its freshness and quality, store our celery salt in a cool and dry place. Ensure the container is airtight to preserve its flavor. Avoid introducing moisture by using a dry spoon. Please note that our seasoning does not contain an anti-caking agent, as we prioritize natural ingredients and authenticity.

Recipe Suggestion: - 

Tomato Salad with Celery Salt: - Slice ripe tomatoes and combine with torn basil leaves. Whisk together olive oil, red wine vinegar and celery salt. Pour dressing over the tomato mixture and toss. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Serve as a refreshing side dish or light lunch. Enjoy the vibrant flavors!


Celery Salt Potato Salad: Boil cubed potatoes until fork tender. In a bowl, mix together mayonnaise (or vegan mayo), Dijon mustard, celery salt, chopped celery and diced onion. Add the cooked potatoes and gently toss until well coated. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to allow the flavors to meld together before serving.