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About Us


Quality, hygiene and sustainability is at the very core of our business. 

Our raw materials are handpicked and products made using the best manufacturing practices, in clean, hygienic conditions. Each pouch is carefully packed and lovingly hand-stamped by us. 

While ensuring quality, we are also determined to provide healthier alternatives, without compromising on the taste. We are trying our best to provide healthy and tasty foods to people. 

We are also trying to support locally grown food, local businesses and are always on a look-out for the best produce from farmers in India.


A Note from One of Us. . . .

My name is Namrata and I am the founder of Green Apron®.

I grew up in an Indian household where life revolved around hard-work, cleanliness and food. My love for good nutritious food stems from my native roots.

I have watched butter being made at home with an old-fashioned butter-churner. Not just butter. Absolutely anything and everything vegetarian was cooked in my house. I have watched spices and grains being ground with traditional grinding stones. I have grown up watching pickles and various savouries being made at home.

Having lived in a joint-family of four generations, I have had the privilege of experiencing communal living and the joy of eating fresh, healthy food.

We had a large kitchen and several mouths to feed and therefore there was always a lot of cooking! Come summer and our terrace would be laden with white sheets covered with papads made from ingredients that were carefully hand-picked and left to be dried in the sun.

For those who are unaware of this indulgence: papads are thin, crispy, Indian wafers or flat-breads that are usually eaten roasted or fried.

I grew up watching my grandfather handpick good quality fruits from fruit vendors and wholesale fruit markets. He loved fruits and ate them along with all his meals.

I have even watched my great-grandmother use leftover fruit and vegetable peels to make healthy nutritious food. Nothing would go waste. There was food for everyone and no visitor would go hungry including birds that were attracted to our terrace.

The butter churners, masala grinders, the rolling-pins, the fruit baskets, fruit peels being cooked by my very determined great-grandmother who could barely see with her eyes and the sight of papads drying on white sheets are part of some of the memories of my childhood.

I left home to study biosciences and law. I have worked with some of the best law firms in India and have interacted with people from various walks of life over the last few years. During these interactions, I learned more about food and different experiences people have had with food.

When I became a mother to a beautiful little child, I found myself combining the knowledge of food I gathered from my community while growing up with modern knowledge of food.

I used this knowledge to provide nutritious food to my newborn. From this stemmed the idea of Green Apron.

Green Apron started as an idea a while back and has started reaching out to consumers only from April,2018.

As of now, we sell our products directly to people who contact us. We are overwhelmed with the love and positive response we have received ever since we started in April. We are working on expanding our manufacturing capacity and wish to reach out to as many people as possible without compromising on our principles and food quality, over the next few years.

We are a happy team of hard-working people coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures and age-groups. We love our work and wish to bring the best of mother nature's produce to you as we grow- From Earth to Plate.

With love.