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On our Product Packaging-FAQs

1. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

We take our product packaging seriously and ever since we started Green Apron, we have tried several different packaging materials from bagasse, to areca, to PE, HDPE, LDPE, brown paper and so on.

We are trying our best to find materials that will keep the produce fresh and at the same are sustainable.

For our fresh oyster mushrooms, salad greens and herbs we use covers made of polypropylene which is higher than 50 micron. These covers are reusable and help the produce to stay fresh without drying them out in the refrigerator. They can be recycled and reused unlike most other plastic covers/cling wraps etc  available in the market.

For shiitake, mini peppers,cucumbers and produce that are not bulky we use brown bags lined with mango pulp or bakery bags. These bags help in keeping them fresh  and are reusable.The lining helps the bag to retain moisture and the bags do not tear easily.

For  big-sized produce such as leeks, colocasia leaves and so on, we wrap them with newspaper.

Sugar bagasse, areca and paper without any sort of lining seem to dry out the produce, tear easily and also sometimes impart unpleasant odour to them. For this reason, we avoid using these.

2. What about reusable containers?

  •  Before the covid outbreak, we would welcome customers with containers. Infact, we would encourage them to come with containers.
  •  However, in the present scenario, we are having to discourage walk-ins for the safety of our customers and staff in office.
  •  Delivery in containers is difficult as that will involve collection of containers from customers post consumption. The travel etc will just add to the carbon footprint and will not service the purpose.